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Why Hire a Jacksonville Social Media Management Company

For the last few years social media has been a big buzzword and any business that is not taking advantage of social media marketing in Jacksonville is missing out. You may have heard that more businesses are using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking services but do you know the benefits social media marketing can help your business. The fact is, they can – but some companies would try to convince you that you have to make use of ALL of these tools and use them every day. That may be true – or it may not. The “secret” to leveraging social media marketing (SMM) is the ability to build a community around your company and then start and nurture the conversation about your products or services.

The best way for your business to benefit from a social media service campaign is if you outsource the “heavy lifting” to us. We know the exact recipe to create a social media marketing campaign that provides an authoritative and interesting set of posts that your customers or clients will love while generating what we call “Google Juice”. We have a team that can post on your behalf every day. Plenty of keyword rich content, nicely spaced out during the day. All of which can be edited or reviewed by you via our simple to use control panel, as we schedule your content at least seven days ahead.

Social media is an excellent way to connect with existing and potential customers or clients. Websites like Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook provide a way for small business owners to display their services and products, promote special pricing for special events, and engage with their market. Due to the reach of sites like Twitter or Facebook, your small business has an unprecedented opportunity to reach potential customers or clients that previously would not have been reachable with traditional advertising or marketing. Social media is an vital part of any overall marketing approach, and it allows you to connect with your ideal client or customer in a more casual and timely way than traditional broadcast and print media.

Social Media Marketing Expert in JacksonvilleFacebook is a particularly powerful tool for business owners to reach their clients or customers due to the sheer number of people that use Facebook. According to the Pew Research Center, as of 2014, approximately 57% of American adults have a Facebook account, and approximately 64% of Facebook users login to the site daily. These people are your potential customers or clients, and if you offer them information that is interesting, funny, or engaging, you can get gain the attention of many people who may be interested in your products or services.

What Does a Jacksonville Social Media Expert Do?

You’re most likely reading this because you’re searching for websites on the internet to learn about social media management and the best ways to integrate it into your online marketing plan. Here’s a little bit about what we do here at SumitSEO.

  • Social Media Strategy Strategy – Develop a plan for getting your message out with the best potential for social media engagement. We do this by looking at your existing branding, marketing, and content goals then develop a strategy that is a part of your overall marketing and communications approach.
  • Reporting and Monitoring – Managing social media campaigns takes constant monitoring to maintain the quality of information and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We use cutting-edge monitoring systems to manage your campaign and to “listen” how the message is being received.
  • Community Outreach – Connect with the social media community to build awareness of your message through communities, bloggers, and develop relationships with the influencers in related social media networks.
  • Content Optimization – Enhance and optimize existing web-pages and content; including press releases, inter-actives, video, and web content. This maximizes re-distribution and discussion about your brand, services, or products.
  • Campaign Management – Managing your online campaign from social media outreach to search engine optimization and marketing and AdWord campaigns.

What Are The Benefits For You?

  • Quality traffic – There are many methods to increase traffic, but what you need is quality, targeted traffic. If you sell purple widgets and you get lots of traffic for individuals searching for yellow widgets, what value is that? We drive traffic based on who you are.
  • Increased Revenue – The more eyeballs that see your message and the more frequent they see it, the more opportunity there is for them to hear you and get engaged.
  • Individuals Are Listening – Concentrated interest and increased user engagement returns in user loyalty and greater traffic in addition to increased revenue.
  • Amp Up The Brand – With the cacophony of advertising and media on-line, your message needs to be delivered clearly, in multiple locations and frequently to get your brand name stuck in the social media user’s heads. By entering into the conversation we can help users develop an understanding of you and your company that will get your brand name heard.
  • Competitive Data – Most likely you are not alone in your message. We can show you how you rate against your competitors, and assist you by keeping track of their social media presence. Learn what they are talking about and market changes at the speed of the internet.

One of the fantastic things about social media is the way great content can quickly “go viral” — meaning that the content has been shared rapidly across the internet. Normally this occurs due to the fact that the content is noteworthy, entertaining, or even shocking. Even if your content isn’t entertaining or shocking, if people find it beneficial, uplifting, or otherwise of great value, they will certainly share it with their friends and help get the word out about your products or services.

There Is One Problem For Jacksonville Business Owners

Creating and publishing to your social media network accounts is almost a full-time job, and the majority of small business owners do not have the time to produce the content needed to post even once a day, or the money to employ an in-house social media specialist.

If you decide to manage your own social media accounts, think about how much time you would need to dedicate every week to find fascinating things to write about. Then taking the time to write about them and also find the time to publish them to your social media accounts. Keep in mind to repeat this regularly, considering your fans/followers anticipate a consistent stream of interesting content. Acting as your own social media manager and running your business at the same time would be difficult for any business owner.

If you do not wish to do it yourself, then you could employ a staff member to manage your social media sites. According to, the median salary for a social media manager is around $45,717 and do not forget to include employment taxes, benefits, and the headache of managing another worker.

You can outsource your social media management, however it can get very pricey. Social media management in Jacksonville can cost thousands of dollars a month; in 2012, the common cost to manage a Facebook page was $1,000 per month! Compared to that, SumitSEO’s rates are an absolute deal: You get daily content published on Facebook, Twitter, or/and LinkedIn for a fraction of that.

Social Media Marketing Services in Jacksonville

Managing your Jacksonville social media marketing doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. SumitSEO begins the social media management process by asking you a series of in-depth questions about your business in order to customize your social media content for your business. We then begin to publish engaging, timely, and shareable content to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages. Let SumitSEO take control of your social media management, and you can spend time on what you do best; running your business. We can develop a custom strategy for how you wish to engage on your social media sites. Our Jacksonville social media services work with any budget for the business owner wishing to take there business to the next level.

If you do not have social media accounts and a marketing plan in place, you are missing out on a chance to share your message online with your potential customers or clients and have them spread the word about your products and services. Call SumitSEO today at (904) 584-3737 to develop a social media management plan that is right for you and brings you many new customers or clients!

As with ALL SumitSEO’s services include our Jacksonville search engine optimization services, contracts are optional. You are free to cancel at any time, but we know you’ll love it.

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