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The Most Popular Attractions In Jacksonville

The Most Popular Attractions In Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city in Florida that is located on the east coast. Thanks largely to its beautiful location it is a very popular vacation destination that boasts many things to see and do. The variety is there so that no matter the traveler’s age or interests there’s sure to be something that suits their desires. The key is to know what is available and what others have found to be the best activities to take part in.

If you are one that enjoys spending time on the beach then the legendary Amelia Island is an absolute must on your list. Thanks to it’s history of being ruled by the Spanish, British and French there is a good deal culture to enjoy. The island is also well known for it’s luxury resorts and countless recreational activities that take advantage of being surrounded by the ocean. Just about any water sport you can think of can be done on the beaches, with equipment available for rental. If you enjoy golf, then you will definitely love the many courses that are available. If, however, you are not one to spend too much time outdoors or at a beach, then you may enjoy the public sports and recreation center or the wonderful dining options.

Whether you are traveling with children, or its just adults, another destination that is very popular in Jacksonville, FL is their zoo. There you will find exhibits that showcase local wildlife as well as African. If you need a break or want to take in the zoo while relaxing you need only to jump on the train. There is also a great area that is set up to entertain kids and allow them to interact more closely with the animals. If you do decide to enjoy the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens you will want to make sure you leave an entire day open so that you can see all it has to offer.

Hanna Park offers something that most parks can’t boast. There you can enjoy both a lake and the ocean in one day. If you enjoy surfing the beach is well known for the amazing waves that come in off the Atlantic Ocean. The beach is also great for swimming or simply relaxing and soaking up the sun’s rays. The lake in the park is great to participate in other activities such as boating and fishing. Due to it being calmer than the ocean, it can be ideal for children. You can also make some time for hiking on their expansive trails. It is also a destination that you can spend an entire day enjoying.

If you enjoy learning then the Museum of Science and History is yet another great place to spend a day exploring. They have exhibits that change from year to year, so it is a good idea to check out their website to see if they have something of particular interest to you coming up so that you can plan your trip around it.

There are also what they refer to as their core exhibits. These are the exhibits that are available for exploring all through the year. One of the most popular exhibits is their Health in Motion: Discover What Moves You exhibit. There you can learn about various functions of the body through a number of interactive activities. You can also learn about how your personal habits can affect your health and what lifestyle choices you can make to live the longest, healthiest life possible. Inside this exhibit is another one that is called Momentum: Strength Through Movement. It focuses on how children have different needs from adults, specifically when it comes to behaviors, nutrition and health issues.

There really is so much that you can enjoy in Jacksonville, FL that it would be impossible to enjoy it all in one visit. Whether you like lounging on the beach or taking your time while on vacation learning about culture and history, you are sure to find that there are many attractions that will more than keep your attention. Just be sure to take advantage of the most popular destinations so that you can have a vacation to remember for the rest of your life.