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Learn More About The City of Jacksonville, Florida

Learn More About The City of Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville, is a large city in the US. This fast growing metropolitan is based in Northeast Florida, with a population of around 850,000 residents. Under a very strong mayor, the residents elect their mayor along with the 19 member City Council. This includes 5 at-large members along with 14 members that are elected through the district. Lenny Curry is the 8th mayor for Jacksonville since the consolidation of the City of Jacksonville and Duval County governments that occurred in 1968.

Due to its mild climate, reasonable costs of living, convenient location and a better quality-of-life along with a government that is business-friendly, Jacksonville is regarded as a very popular location when it comes to relocations and corporate expansions. It also has a status in the form of an intermodal-transportation hub which happens to be another incentive. In addition, it is one of the leading distribution centers, with the transportation network that embraces air and port cargo facilities, trucking and rail routes. A vast amount of manufactured goods and raw materials move through this city on an annual basis.

It is this momentum that continues to drive Jacksonville’s stature in regards to the international and national marketplace. In the annual poll which features in the Expansion Management magazine, Jacksonville is rated consistently on the list of the “Hottest Cities in America” when it comes to relocations and business expansions.

As an ever growing municipality, Jacksonville is also recognized as one of the national leaders when it comes to managing developments. Their Growth Management task force in the year 2005 developed a vision for the city for the following 25 years. This strategy involves a balance between residential and commercial developments with infrastructure and transit capacity while still preserving green spaces.

One of the many natural based assets in Jacksonville is an extremely large urban-park system. Their passive and active parks along with preservation lands form an essential part of the quality-of-life in Jacksonville. This also includes the miles upon miles of waterways and beaches, and entertainment and sports complex, the major-symphony orchestra along with a variety of special events that are frequently held throughout the year. Jacksonville is also the home to the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars and this city welcomed their very 1st Super Bowl in the year 2005.

With the strong economy, growing population, diverse recreational and cultural opportunities along with a variety of natural resources, Jacksonville, FL is still regarded as a top contender as the most progressive and dynamic cities in the nation.

If you are planning a vacation or visit to Jacksonville, here is a guide on where to stay, eat and things to do.

Where To Stay

Whether you prefer downtown luxury hotels, full-service and comfortable hotels or inviting bed and breakfast lodges, Jacksonville has a variety of lodging choices to suit your preferences. The greater Jacksonville area provides over 18,000 guest rooms.

Where To Eat

The options on dining in Northeast Florida include a variety of upscale bistros onto homely fish camps that are all infused with an inviting and warm Southern charm. Jacksonville has quickly become one of the “foodie” destinations, with a host of dining districts that have popped up all over the city. Whether you are in search of a romantic dinner for two, an exciting evening out with a group of friends, Jacksonville has really got it all.

Things To Do

In Jacksonville, you get to explore 840 square miles of the “other” side of Florida. Here you will find stretches of beautiful waterways and beaches, the biggest urban-park system in the US, outstanding historical and cultural destinations along with a variety of experiences that will capture your body, mind as well as your inner adventurer.

Just beyond the magnificent skyline of downtown Jacksonville, you will find a number of quaint riverfront-streets that are all lined with sidewalk cafes, Bed and Breakfast lodges, live-music venues and boutiques. There are also many miles of stunning white sand beaches to enjoy. If you prefer outdoor adventures, there are a host of water sports, camping and hiking opportunities. One of the best things about where ever you decide to venture in Jacksonville, you will always find their unique Southern charm and hospitality.